The prerequisite for a successful radiotherapy is its meticulous preparation. This already begins upon initial contact with the patient. We deliberately take the time for a detailed consultation. It is important to us to learn about the previous medical history and the symptoms, which are the reasons for the planned treatment. 

All available test results are critically reviewed. Sometimes it is even necessary to carry out additional diagnostic measures. If radiotherapy has already been performed elsewhere, we request all documentation and check whether the proposed treatment is still possible. We coordinate the details of the treatment with other medical specialists, for example when chemotherapy is necessary in addition to radiotherapy. 

The planning computer tomography takes on a key role as the basis of treatment planning. For this reason, we set aside plenty of time for this part of the preparation. In a quiet and personal atmosphere, the patient can grow accustomed to the new situation and learn important tips about behavior during radiotherapy. When necessary, we present key organs with the use of a contrast agent. This is administered orally and/or intravenously.

Planning computer tomograph, Philips

The patient position is captured via a laser system (DORADO 4, LAP Company) and can be transferred directly from the CT to the radiation device: this is called virtual simulation. This serves to accelerate initiation of treatment, since the previous conventional procedure of radioscopy on the simulator is no longer necessary.


February 14th, 2018